Teja’s Ugadi Festivities

Teja’s Ugadi Festivities

Hyderabad Local asks one of  Hyderabad’s resident Teja upon his understanding of the Ugadi festival.

In his words, “The first thing is putting on new clothes which we do for most festivals, more so for new year. The second is the partaking of the Ugadi pachadi – a mixture containing all the six tastes (shadruchi), the most important being lemon (nimba), tamarind, vepapoovulu (margosa flowers), unripe mangoes, spices, jaggery and salt. A combination of various tastes, it denotes the myriad facets of human life and indicates that people should be prepared to face any situation with fortitude and equanimity. In the good old days Raja darshanam was a must as the king was considered an amsa of Lord Vishnu. So getting a glimpse of the king was like getting a glimpse of the Lord Narayana himself.”

He further says, “One has to listen to the reading of the almanac or panchanga shravanam which is performed ceremoniously at public gatherings. The almanac is prepared by astrologers based on planetary positions. They even predict natural calamities and the pleasant and unpleasant events that will unfold as the year passes. A knowledge of what is in store for the community at large helps him to face the challenges ahead of him.”

He concludes by saying “Ugadi thus shows us the way to live our life to the fullest and in the most appropriate way.”

Hyderabad Local wishes Teja, his family and all the readers a Happy Ugadi!

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